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Things you need before hitting the road

Are you ready to take that big ride? Can you already feel the wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth? Yes, motorcycle trips can be a lot of fun and full of adventure. The longer the trip or more challenging the terrain, the more you need to prepare. Even a day trip requires you to think ahead and consider some very important points before you go. Let's take a look at some of the things you may want to think about before you hit the road. 

The first category to look at is safety. Is your bike in order? How about the tires? Be sure your tires are at the correct pressure and also be sure they are not cracked or worn to a state of baldness. You don't want to lose grip on a turn in the rain, gravel or oil. You should also check the tires for protruding glass, small wires or other objects that can work their way in during a long ride and cause a flat tire. Many motorcycle accidents and injuries occur when a motorbike is pushed beyond its limits and the rider tries to make quick turns and stops. Check the brakes. Make sure the cables are in good condition. Check to make sure you are not leaking oil. Is the engine sound? Is the oil fresh? It is a good idea to ask a mechanic to inspect the bike before you leave. However, make sure you make the final inspection. People aren't always thorough during inspections and the shop may miss something important.

Next, make sure you have access to help if you do run into an unexpected problem. If you have an accident or a breakdown, how will you get help? If you run out of gas, what will you do? Think about how far you will be from the nearest repair shop or gas station. Will you be leaving cell phone range? Do you have water and a snack in case you are stranded for hours? Make sure someone else knows about your trip and will look for you in case you don't return or check in on time. You also need to think ahead when it comes to planning insurance. Like automobile insurance,
motorbike insurance offers many types of coverage, it is best to check with an expert. Think about your own bodily injury and the limit of hospital emergency room coverage. If you will have a passenger, this is another type of coverage to consider. Although most insurance in its default configuration will offer to cover the basics, oftentimes these basics are not nearly enough in real life situations. Most insurance will cover only the minimums. Consider theft as well, if you stop at a hotel and wake up to find your motorcycle has been stolen. All in all, good preparation will prevent any otherwise fun motorbike trip from turning into a disaster.


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